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Microdose with intention PrajnaDose
A guide to getting started and running your PrajnaDose treatment

The Unboxing

Congratulations! You already took the first step and you already have your treatment. Here's a little bit about what it contains.

  1. A ceramic bottle with 20 capsules, each containing 0.1 g of the entheogenic mushroom and 0.3 g of one of the 4 medicinal mushrooms; reishi, maitake, cordyceps and lion's mane. These capsules are designed for a 10-week treatment under the PrajnaDose protocol.
  2. Inside the box, you will find a brochure with instructions and details on how to take them, as well as other specifications, and a nice poster with an illustration of the allied mushroom of your intention.
  3. Finally, in the box under the jar, you will find a copalera that also works as a lid for your jar to form a little mushroom. In the same box, you'll find a coal, which you must light carefully, and a copal that goes over the lit coal, to start with a meditation to visualize your intention before starting your treatment.
PrajnaDose Microdose Unboxing

The meditation

To start your treatment, we recommend starting with a small meditation to visualize your intention.

1. Place your copalera on a stable surface

2. Light your charcoal carefully with tongs and place the copal on top of it

3. Sit comfortably and connect with your breath

4. Visualize your intention, how you want to feel and where you want to move

"Let's start this treatment with a clear and powerful intention. Let's allow ourselves to connect with the inner wisdom and find the balance we need to heal. Let's visualize what we want to achieve and focus our energy towards that goal. May this treatment be a path to deep healing and positive transformation."

The protocol

Our protocol is a mix of two popular schemes , which we have adapted to be suitable for all levels of experience in this practice:

Day 1: Taking microdoses (fixed day, ideally Monday)

Day 2: Transition day without microdosing

Day 3: Normal day, without microdosing

Day 4: Microdose (fixed day, Thursday)

Day 5 : Transition

Day 6 and 7 : Normal, baseline

Microdosing protocol

In this article we talk about other protocols that you can explore or write to us on WhatsApp with your questions.



The Recommendations

Microdoses do not work by themselves. Like any treatment, it is important to accompany it with other practices that help you enhance its effect and obtain better results. Here are some tips to accompany your treatment.

  1. Do physical activity
  2. specialized accompaniment
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Avoid alcohol and other substances on dose days
  5. Good and sufficient sleep
  6. Work on minimizing stress
  7. Meditation / Journaling
  8. integration practices


Specialized Accompaniment

In order to get the most out of your treatment and achieve the best results, we have formed a network of mental health specialists, including psychiatrists, psychologists from various schools, and alternative therapists with experience in psychedelic therapies.
If you are looking for guidance in your microdose therapy, we can direct you to the appropriate specialist according to your particular needs.

Far from pretending to be your therapists ourselves, we think that it is best to connect with specialists who can offer an objective and bias-free opinion.
Although these professionals are not part of our internal team, we have shortlisted them for their experience and they have decided to collaborate with us due to the trust we have established over several years.
Their feedback has also been a fundamental pillar in giving direction to our project, due to their perspective as experts in the field.

If you are interested in having a more personalized accompaniment throughout your treatment, scan this QR code and write us a message to guide you with the right specialist!



The Closing

Your jar is finished, now what?

Compared to other drugs, microdoses with entheogens do not generate dependence if protocols are followed where there are days off between days of microdosing.

Now you can ask yourself if you want to continue with the same intention or if you want to work on it from another intention. So if your treatment ends, you can buy another and continue working with this tool or you can take a few weeks off and integrate before starting again.

Here you will find a small survey where you can leave us your opinion and in this way we can improve in the future Remember that we are always here pending, if you have any questions or want help in the future 😉

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