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Integrate microdosing into your life

Microdosing with psychedelics can be a great tool for your mental health, for your social life, and for your work productivity. However, even if it contains magic mushrooms, they are not miracle treatments .
In order to see changes it is important to do active personal work while using these tools.

For this reason, at Prajna Dose we place a lot of emphasis on the intention that is given to each person's practice, which is key to achieving benefits and to really achieving a lasting transformation.
But in addition to an intention, there are ways that can be practiced to integrate the changes catalyzed by this tool into your life.

Here we share some recommendations.

1. Define your intention

Being clear about the intention for which you carry out any psychedelic therapy is essential. That is, be clear about why you do it ; what changes do you expect in yourself and what goal do you have with it.

At Prajna Dose our treatments represent personal work intentions: Connection, Liberation, Introspection and Balance and the first step to start is to choose one .

If you are not clear about what your intention is or do not know how to find it, we recommend that you read this article to guide you through the process .

2. Give yourself a space

In order to process your emotions and thoughts, it is important to keep your intention in mind during treatment and reflect on the progress you have made.
That is why we recommend that you create a space dedicated to it, both on microdose days and on rest days.
It can be in the morning, or before going to sleep; It can be a meditation practice, or doing some physical activity, or going for a walk with your pet.

Make an effort to incorporate this space into your routine and give it due importance. Being able to maintain this practice is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself .

3. Reflect

In these created spaces, reflect on your day, on how you felt, on what emotions you had present. Ask yourself questions like: How did your intention manifest this day?
You can do this with a journaling practice: write a journal and answer a series of basic questions about your day. And/or attend therapy, and have talks with people close to you.

Only then will you be able to understand and analyze the small changes that will occur to you throughout your treatment.

4. Accompany yourself

Surround yourself with people and spaces that make you feel safe.
The Set & Setting is very important in experiences with psychedelics, either with larger doses or in microdoses. The Set refers to your mental state and your current relationship with yourself (it is also related to keeping your intention in mind), and the Setting refers to the physical space and the people around you.

It is important to carry out this practice at a time in your life where you feel safe and that you are surrounded by people who do not judge you, but rather contribute to your personal growth processes. This way you can minimize negative experiences .

5. Give it a closure (Integration)

Finally, at the end of your microdosing period, it is important to bring closure to the experience.
This closure can be used to reflect on your notes during the process, analyze patterns and be able to establish future personal work. It may be a new intention, or it may be to continue on the same path.

I'm sure you learned a lot of new things from yourself. Reflect on the daily changes and compare your state of mind at the start of treatment with that of now .


In this way you can ensure that your experience transcends , and that you maintain the changes that you achieved with this tool. Everything in life is cycles, and this is one more.
It is a continuous process , do not despair if you do not notice changes on the first day. Do not focus on physical sensations and/or altered states of consciousness because some people are more sensitive to these changes than others, but however subtle the changes to your mental state may be, if you focus properly you can lead to great transformations.
Remember that the psychoactive substance is only a catalyst, the magic for a transformation to occur is really yours .

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