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Sara Gomez

Sara Gomez

Telephone: +34 650 60 11 03


Instagram: @saragomez_a

She started doing theater at the age of 10 and her career as an actress led her to immerse herself in psychology to give meaningful life to the characters she played. Tools such as Constellations, Enneagram and absolutely non-judgment were his basics of creation.
Understand the body, mind, energy and emotions as an inseparable whole.

Trained in Chiromassage and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biodecoding (Enric Corbera), EMDR (Jung), Reiki, Egyptian Essences, Chi Nei Tsang (Thailand visceral massage), Master in International Systemic Coaching (Ben Hellinger).

It has been integrating and accompanying for 12 years using multiple tools and since 2022 with the powerful medicine of psilocybin and other entheogens.
Currently, he puts his personal experience and all his knowledge at the service of accompaniment and support of medicinal ceremonies, group dynamics, integration therapies and one-on-one accompaniment.

“Wisdom is experience, everything else is information.” If you want to know more about the services that Sara offers, write to her by email, Instagram or WhatsApp on her cell phone.