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I restore my relationship with my true origin, redirecting that released energy towards personal growth and spiritual development.

Allied Fungi

To support the work of La Liberación , each capsule contains 0.1g of entheogenic mushrooms and 0.3g of Cordyceps mushroom.

the entheogenic mushroom in this quantity it is imperceptible, but it promotes mental entropy and thus opens the possibility of experiencing emotions and daily sensations in a new way, this in turn allows us to reconsider previously established constructs and thought patterns, and generate new ones.

The Cordyceps mushroom is considered ancestral medicine in many cultures. In addition to helping the immune system , it is a fungus that induces a very energetic state, thus facilitating work.


Each bottle contains 20 capsules with:

- 100mg entheogenic mushrooms

- 300mg Cordyceps mushroom


Prajna Dose should not be taken by:

- Pregnant women, nor during breastfeeding

- People with diagnosed mental disorders, or with a family history thereof, such as schizophrenia, epilepsy, or psychosis, among others.

- Write us by WhatsApp to recommend a psychiatrist who can evaluate your case.