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Nedjelka Mejía

Nedjelka Mejía

Phone: +52 55 4901 3856


For more than a decade he has had a great fascination with mental, emotional and spiritual healing, which is why he has dabbled in various techniques to heal different types of trauma in the most efficient and shortest way possible.

Among the different teachings, Alex undertook different trips around Mexico, India, Nepal, Colombia and Peru to meet various spiritual teachers, as well as their teachings, and then combine them and create a modern healing method, suitable for the lifestyle we have. at the moment.

Over the years, Alex has dedicated himself to searching for La Paz, learning about different healing techniques in different ancestral wisdoms, from indigenous ancestral medicine to Buddhist techniques, developing therapies mixed with mushrooms so that people can have the best benefits in one session.

Alex is an excellent guide and accompaniment for experiences with Psilocybin macrodoses. If you want more information about the services he offers, he is always available by phone and email.