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Jazz Ramirez

Jazz Ramirez

Telephone: +52 55 7636 4717


Instagram: @psic_jazz

Jazz is an educational and Transpersonal Psychologist, Astrologer and Reiki teacher. Her work is focused on supporting women: post-traumatic stress, crises and grief, integration of peak experiences or non-ordinary states of consciousness. The sessions with Jazz are focused on facilitating a transformation process that, from a safe and loving space, allows the encounter with the medicine that each person needs. Among the various tools that support your practice are Ayurveda massage, auriculotherapy, decoding of the birth chart, meditation and channeling.

In the search for meaning, resignification of trauma and sensory hypersensitivity, Jazz has found in the gentlest medicines, a path to encounter, without imposition of beliefs or absolute truths.

There are several possibilities for accompaniment with Jazz: online sessions, in person, at home, inside and outside CDMX. Astrology courses open at different times of the year, with a very restricted quota, but the psychoastral consultation is open all the time. You can contact her by email, whatsapp or instagram