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Ariela Milstein

Ariela Milstein

Phone: +52 1 55 1912 1900

Instagram: @ psych.arielamilstein

Ariela is a lover of nature, its magic and its healing properties. Her travels around the world have led her to understand the complexities of life and the need to pay attention to ancestral teachings. After spending four months in the Amazon, he falls in love with the medicinal qualities of different plants and mushrooms.

This made her path clearer and she decided to continue her career as a psychologist specializing in gestalt psychotherapy and psychotherapy assisted with psilocybe mushrooms. Passionate about study and knowledge, she decides to enrich her knowledge with training in holistic herbalism, integration of psychedelic experiences, energy healing and shamanic knowledge.

He has accompanied experiences with macrodoses of mushrooms from the preparation and formulation of intentions, loving accompaniment during the experience and integration sessions with gestalt and body psychotherapy techniques and different rituals. It also accompanies microdose processes by providing continuous monitoring and supporting integration through different therapeutic techniques. Understand psilocybe mushrooms as a tool to help us find an internal balance between the mind, body and soul and also helps us reconnect with ourselves, others and Mother Earth.

She offers one-on-one sessions online or in person, if you have any questions you can contact her via WhatsApp or Instagram, she will be happy to answer your questions and accompany your process with empathy and love.