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Annika Ussel

Annika Ussel

Phone: +52 55 7944 2656


Instagram: @annikaussel

Annika Ussel is a Reiki master and facilitator of Resonance Repatterning, self-knowledge and self-transformation techniques.

Since she was a child, Annika explored and challenged systemic and individual patterns that were not in harmony with the rhythms of nature. In the process, she herself experienced strong imbalances that led her to explore various tools that she shares with us today.

Sessions with Annika help us identify and transform belief systems, bodily, emotional and mental patterns that limit us. Her sessions are a journey into the depths of the nervous system and body wisdom. It combines psychology, kinesiology, quantum theory and ancestral medicine to create dynamics that allow us to listen to ourselves, bring the unconscious to the conscious and change our reality from the inside out.

Annika gives 1-1 and group consultations. He also teaches the Reiki method in small groups. If you are interested in learning more about their services, write to them by email, Instagram or WhatsApp on their cell phone.