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Reishi, the mushroom of immortality

reishi mushroom

Reishi is a mushroom with many healing properties, which is why it has been used for several centuries in various oriental cultures where it is known as the mushroom of immortality for its benefits associated with longevity, wisdom and sexual power, as well as treatment for various diseases. diseases.

Its scientific name is Ganoderma lucidum which means "bright" in Latin attributed to its shiny brown appearance, but it is also known as Reishi in Japanese or lingzhi in Chinese .

Normally, it is found in different parts of the world with temperate climates and grows in the crevices of the skirts of coniferous trees, since its mycelium feeds on dead wood.

Some of the most important benefits of this mushroom are the following: 

1. Adaptogen

Adaptogens are substances found in foods, herbs, and fungi that help our bodies fight the damage caused by chronic stress. They help increase our ability to manage stress and resist its negative consequences, such as adrenal damage (excess cortisol) or even other hormonal imbalances. Triterpenes or ganoderic acids are believed to be responsible for this benefit due to their similarity to steroid hormones.

Any disease such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease are clear signs that the body is out of balance, so reishi is an excellent ally to restore balance and build resilience in the body.


2. Improves the immune system

Many medicinal mushrooms contain a very particular compound known as β-glucan, so reishi and other mushrooms help strengthen our immune system. By consuming reishi, the immune system cells recognize the fungal β-glucans and trigger a positive immune system response.

These β-glucans bind to certain receptors found in the intestine and stimulate our innate immune cells such as macrophages, cells

dendritic and natural killer cells, activating their reproduction and activity significantly.

A strong immune system does much more than just defend us against viruses. It is the way to combat and balance all the processes in our body, from pathogens and allergies, to preventing the formation of cancer cells.

3. Anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumor

Our immune system must function optimally in order to effectively kill tumor cells. Mushrooms like reishi are known to enhance our adaptive immune response, which can inhibit tumor growth and metastasis. The anticancer and antitumor effect of mushrooms is again largely attributed to β-glucans that increase the controlled death of cancer cells (apoptosis) and regulate the expression of genes associated with cancer.

Since chemotherapy and radiation therapy weaken defenses, mushroom compounds increase the activity of macrophages, which can go on to destroy any cancer cells, and enhance the number and activity of attacking natural killer cells and T cells. to the remaining cancer cells.

In addition, this mushroom contains a large amount of the super-antioxidant ergothioneine (EGT) that helps prevent the progression of cancer and generally supports the immune system as well.

4. Glucose management

Again, β-glucans give us more benefits. Among reishi's bioactive compounds, its high β-glucan and fiber content help regulate blood glucose and improve insulin sensitivity.

Maintaining stable glucose levels and avoiding high concentrations of it in the blood is essential for good health and to prevent various diseases such as diabetes and even accelerated aging due to the transformation of glycosylated molecules.

As you can see, reishi is a mushroom with many benefits that impact all aspects of our health and therefore our longevity.

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