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Find your intention

Defining the intention of a microdose treatment is crucial to obtaining significant and lasting results. Having a present intention when doing personal work is what guides us towards significant progress and is the guide that helps us give meaning to experiences in order to integrate them into our lives.

Knowing our intentions is not only a requirement to start a microdose treatment. In fact, it is widely recommended and necessary for any spiritual practice, personal work, and for self-knowledge.

Understanding and defining our intentions is not easy. It is a skill and a constant practice that allows us to understand the things we do and how we relate, both with ourselves and with others.

Microdosing is a tool for personal, spiritual and professional work. As such, you benefit from having a defined intention, which you cultivate during treatment. This is why Prajna Dose has four fundamental intentions: Introspection, Connection, Liberation and Balance. (You can read more about each of these intentions in the stories of our instagram profile

In this article we want to give you a small guide so that you can define your intention and guide you during your treatment.

Step 1: Question

The first step to finding your intention for microdosing treatment is to ask yourself and question yourself to see where you are today and where you want to move.

Some guiding questions may be:

-What am I looking for right now?

-How I feel?

-What do I want to learn from myself?

-What is it costing me to work?

-What do I need more clarity on?

Step 2: Explore

Once you found that question(s) that you most identified with or felt you could answer most easily, it's time to dig a little deeper.

In a sheet, journal or talking about it to someone, try to answer it (s) a little more thoroughly. Identify the root of those thoughts and how you would like it to be.

Step 3: Simplify

The third part is to simplify that idea or thought into a phrase or word so that you can keep it more in mind and work on it actively. You can guide yourself with our 4 intentions. For example:

  • Introspection about _____
  • Connection with _____
  • Liberation of ______
  • Balance between ______

Step 4: Activate

Finally, it's time to take action. Start your microdose treatment ( buy here ) and every third day (microdose day), keep your intention in mind. If you can, write a small sentence at the beginning of the day about how you would like to work your intention that day.

Step 5: Integrate

Finally, as you progress through treatment, review what you wrote in Step 2 and reflect on what you have accomplished in this time. You can ask yourself these questions every week. How did you feel this week? Did the microdose help you at all? Do you feel that you have progressed in the work that you initially proposed? What would progress mean from here on out, or how would you see it reflected in your day to day?

Plant and cultivate your intention and you will see great results. Much success!

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